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Prapti Anandita
YES Alumni, 2010-2011, Kentucky
*I decided to become a #changemaker because…


The plight of the female garment workers in Bangladesh made me first want to be a changemaker. I am Prapti Anandita, and I study in Jahangirnagar University, Savar Dhaka. Last year a deadly building collapse in Savar killed more than a thousand people. Losing their only earning members, lots of families lost their hopes for survival. My friends and I created a volunteer group to help those families. But people did not believe that we would be able to deliver the money to the victims hands.  We then shared our goal in Facebook, and talked to people to convince them to donate. We rasied 40,000 Taka donations and passed the money over to three needy families. I wish to continue creating projects to support people in my community. In future, I look forward to do projects on Transgenders and raise awareness among the people about their rights. 

Anita: Freedom Walking


photoAnita Haidary
YES Alumna 22, California, 2007-2008

I became a #changemaker because…

I grew up sheltered from harsh realities of world, but that changed when I started high school in Kabul. I am 22-years-old and although I went to high school and college in the US, I now live and work back in Kabul. Because I am female, in my high school I had to fight teachers, even when I was right, and street harassment forced me to be scared of walking around in my own town. Then, I noticed that my friends are fighting the same issues and my personal fight was not personal any more. We started a street harassment campaign and organized first walk against street harassment in Afghan history. We take over streets to claim our rights to freedom of walking. It was the first step but the struggle is not over, it is a lifelong fight for all Afghan women.

Merryn: Zero Waste Earth








Merryn Choong
YES Alumna 2010, New Hampshire

I became a #changemaker because…

Have you ever thought of the waste you’re creating? I hadn’t either, but when I studied in the United States I was hosted by a vegetarian family with an organic farm and a compost toilet. I was surprised that not only the waste from kitchen, but from the toilet and animal barn were composted. When I came back to Malaysia, I realized people lack the awareness on waste management. They throw away things which are needed by people in the lower income groups. I started this “Zero Waste-A-Thon” project to provide a platform between the needy and those who wish to donate or resell their used appliances for the benefit of the community as a whole. I want to be a change maker because I see the need to educate and bring awareness to my community.

Alfikhairina: Voice the Tsunami Away










*I decided to become a #changemaker because…

I was 10-years-old when the tsunami and earthquake hit my family’s community of Aceh, Indonesia in 2004. Fortunately, I wasn’t living there at the time, returned to Aceh in 2009. I thought that everything would be okay now, since the infrastructure had been renovated and there were even some improvements. But the truth is, there are still a lot of people who are suffering from trauma and loss. I believe that communication can help people to release their trauma and start to heal. That’s why my friends and I created an organization called CRAFT that helps students in Aceh to learn debates and speech. We hope that through debating, it can help them with their confidence, and give them better social skills for their future.

Ruslee : Give a Book, Give a Better Life




YES Alumna 20012-2013,  ALASKA
*I became a #changemaker because…
Education, one of the most impotent part of life. Think! If you have no opportunity to study, no money to buy a book which you are interested to read. How would you feel? Last summer  I had a chance to go to Slum Klong toey in Bangkok, Thailand. Abundance of poverty children couldn’t get a good education. Even good book, they couldn’t effort money to buy it. That made have a question come up on my head ” How would we help them to have a better life? ” Then I start the project called ” Give Me A Book” by opening the donate box to drop the book which people didn’t use it anymore. I will distribute all of the book that you donate to poverty kids in Slum Klong-toey. If you want to be the one who give a better life to children. Don’t hesitate to join with me. 

Qasim: Safeguarding Intellectual Rights











Qasim Ali Qasimi
YES Alumna 2008-2009, Ohio State

I became a #changemaker because…

I never imagined that the innocent people of Argu district were waiting to be victims of a dramatic natural disaster. I am a 22 year-old Afghan. In 2008, when I was on a exchange program in Ohio state, my host mother was a fundraiser for development projects in Afghanistan. I enjoyed helping her. In May 2014, a serious landslide hit the Badakhshan province which claimed lives of 2,700 people and left  myriads of homeless orphans and widows behind. At that point, a serious sense of sympathy arose inside me and pushed me to help these people. Using the skills I had acquired in the US, I gathered a group of five people and raised almost $5,000 to buy food and basic life utilities for the victims. The good feeling that I acquired from this project prepared me to help people in the future.



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